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Project : Writer’s Building Underground car Parking: CCTV Surveillance System

The use of High End Panasonic PTZ camera and dome camera are used in the prestigious underground car parking surveillance system was designed and implemented. The honorable ministers and honorable chief ministers all the vehicles are parked inside this parking lot. The back bone of the network is on the GIG platform. Entire back bone is design in fiber network. High End switching system is been placed which are capable of running 24*7 application. All cameras is kept inside IP 66 to provide by the weather proof. With our expertise in over all fields that is fiber, UTP, Poles, CCTV camera, Battery and Charger. Backup and Display is kept inside the parking lot in one of the control room and one feet is given inside Writers Building I.P.S officers Room. We were able to implement the entire project successfully. PTZ camera is installed in a strategic location to keep a bird eye inside and outside the entire parking zone.

Date : Aug 2, 2013
Wiring is going on between 2 underground floors.